Add_ _to your existing or newly installed speakers. We have free APPS to control volume, room and source right from your iPod, IPhone or Android device.

Having music throughout the house is just the beginning. For total home technology, well add media servers to handle whole house distribution and full storage of all your CDs and DVDs. The media server allows you to access any movie or CD in your collection from any room in the house , and can accommodate multiple entertainment options.

  • Store and have access to thousands of albums or songs from any part of the house
  • Audio collections can even be available to a second home with another server via an Internet connection
  • Store hundreds of full length DVD discs onto a single hard drive
  • Send a movie to any connected room on demand
  • Ergonomically correct in-wall keypads or touchpanels only as large as a standard light switch
  • Panels and speakers painted to match the rest of the décor, preserving the beauty of your home
  • Control it all from your exisitng ipod, ipad, iphone, androide or other compatible smatphone
  • Handheld controllers are available for operation without using any WIFI enabled via the SONOS controller
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Remotes simplified.
Adding new audio and video components is fun and exciting but, up until now, may have required a map to operate. It is not uncommon for homeowners to end up with five to twelve different remotes to operate all of their audio, video and theater components!

Messenger Systems builds easy-to-use systems by combining the functionality of manufacturer remotes in one simple-to-use universal remote control. We eliminate 75% of the buttons by taking only the commonly used functions from each remote and adding them to the new remote control. Multiple button presses can even be reduced to a simple on or off option making your system more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Other electronic functions can be added to control:

  • Drapes open/close
  • Fireplace on/off
  • Lights on/off or dim
  • Movie Time - close the blinds, light the fireplace, dim the lights, turn on the stereo system and start the movie with the touch of a single button.

What type of automated environments would you create? Contact Messenger Systems today to explore your options.