Simplicity is a single interface.

Imagine touching one button as you exit the garage. The house lights dim or turn-off as perimeter lights turn on, the stereo and television shut off, the thermostat drops the heat four degrees and the alarm system arms itself. Today's technology makes all this possible.

Home automation combines many separately operated subsystems such as alarm, lighting, and climate control into one integrated panel. This panel can be built into a wall or many walls, or it can be a wireless hand-held tablet. The panel can also be used for stereo, pool/spa or security camera images. You tell us the goals you want to achieve and we customize the settings for you.

One control interface is easy and elegant.

  • Numerous control panels eliminated or reduced, including alarm, thermostat, pool/spa and stereo
  • Efficiency saves you time, money and anxiety
  • Personalized settings pre-programmed to meet your specific needs
  • Control it all Remotely by Phone, with your One Handheld Remote or On the Wall