Computer networks meet the requirements of the future.

You can never have too many computer network outlets. In the next few years this will be critical. And ultimately, computer networks will enhance the resale value of your home.

Soon, IP-addressed products from all manufacturers will dominate the home electronics industry.

  • Category-6 cable greatly improves speed and performance of products connectable to the Internet and home computer network
  • Installing computer network locations in a new home is mandatory as it will greatly improve the connectability of future products
  • Wireless options available


Computer Networks can be added to each room and office space to share software, printers, and high-speed Internet connections. They can also connect audio video servers, digital picture frames, TIVO, IP cameras and many more products that currently use a computer network. Having the planning and forethought to properly wire for computer networks will be a significant asset in your total home technology residence.

Messenger Systems offers telephone intercom systems that customize communication and support convenience.

Panasonic Phone Systems:

  • Communicate with the front door from any wired or cordless telephone via front door speaker/microphone.
  • Any house telephone can be programmed to electronically unlock the front or back gate
  • Many different telephone numbers can be added
  • Each telephone can be programmed differently to make or only receive calls, have differing phone numbers or rings, or act only as an intercom extension